Rate An Elvis part 2 - 2002
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By Ronnie

We originally planned on having our EAR CANDY "rate an Elvis" just once. But then we got a press package/CD from one Robert Fisher and decided "why not do it again?" We use the same rating system that we used in Vegas. However, this time we are rating the voice of the Elvis impersonator only. Who knows, maybe we'll get to see Robert next year when we go to Vegas? We had so much fun with the “rate an Elvis” that we will probably review a new batch of Elvis “evokers” when we make our yearly pilgrimage to "Sin City".

On his 'audition' CD, Robert Fisher showcases his tributes to Elvis, Conway Twitty, Engelbert and Neil Diamond. Since this is an Elvis rating only, we are only going to review his Elvis tracks. He covers three periods of Elvis. From the ‘70s, he performed "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", "An American Trilogy" and "Kentucky Rain". His ‘60s Elvis set included "If You Can Dream", "Follow That Dream" and "It Hurts Me". Finally, the songs from the ‘50s were "Love Me", "That's Alright Mama", "King Creole" and "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You".

On a sidenote, Robert's press bio mentions that he is working on a CD. Hopefully, this will be his "own" because I would really like to hear what he can do.

With the KING in mind, we used a rating system of 5 TCB’s (Taking Care of Business), with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Comments by Ronnie
Ronnie rates:
First, I'm no Elvis expert. I basically know the hits and especially his Sun Session stuff. But, I do know my voices in rock and roll and feel qualified to judge this Elvis impersonator. He divides his CD into 3 Elvis sections, the 50's, 60's and 70's. However, Robert didn't pick my favorite songs from each era, with the exception of "That's Alright Mama". So I just closed my eyes, listened and judged how believable he sounded.

What was the verdict? It was absolutely eerie how close Robert Fisher sounds to Elvis. Usually, impersonators can only do the later period Elvis stuff, but Robert was convincing on Elvis' 50's hits as well. He mimics the "youthful" tone of the 50's Elvis in addition to the deep, mature voice of the 70's Elvis. His voice and range is an incredible simulation of the King. I think the voice of an Elvis performer is most important, because there is nothing worse than an Elvis impersonator who has the moves, but can't sing. Now - the question is does Robert have the visual moves?

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